When It Comes to Gun Violence Prevention, Connecticut Leads the Way

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Some of our supporters have contacted us about an excellent editorial board article appearing in the New York Times recently called “When the People Choose Gun Control.”
The point of the editorial is that while more than 90 % of Americans, including a strong majority of gun owners, support strengthening our federal gun laws, Congress, beholden to the gun lobby, acts as if the opposite is true.
And many states, the board goes on to point out, quickly pass “pro gun” measures, such as Missouri overriding the Governor’s veto to allow the carrying of concealed guns in public without a permit or training, in spite of 86% of Missouri voters being opposed.

We are fortunate that the people of Connecticut and our legislature do not allow the kinds of “pro-gun measures” that many other states have to endure. We believe in smart gun laws and act accordingly. The result is that we have the second strongest gun laws in the nation and the fourth lowest rate of gun deaths.
Our legislature is able to pass smart gun reforms so that we don’t have to rely on ballot initiatives as Maine and Nevada are trying to do because their legislatures will not pass common sense gun laws such as requiring universal background checks.

As the Times stated in the editorial, “Legislative action, involving debate and deliberation among lawmakers, is preferable to ballot initiatives as a way to effect change, especially when a constitutional right is involved. But on gun control, many lawmakers have shirked those duties, and when that happens for a long enough time, the people will make their voices heard.”

CT Against Gun Violence is proud that the people of Connecticut have answered the call to stay involved by contacting their legislators, by attending public hearings, and by voting only for gun sense candidates.
In order to keep our supporters informed about which candidates support strong gun laws, we have published our grades and endorsements for all candidates in the upcoming November 8 CT General Assembly elections. You can find them here.

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