About Us

CT Against Gun Violence Education Fund is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization whose mission is to educate about the public health crisis of gun violence in America.

We communicate to communities, public officials and the media across the state about the causes of gun violence, strategies and policies that prevent death and injury from firearms.

We share information about the actions individuals can take to save lives in their local communities – such as safe storage of firearms and the use of Connecticut’s Extreme Risk Protection Order that offers a means to remove firearms from individuals who are at imminent risk of harming themselves or others.

Contributions to the CAGV Ed Fund enable us to continue our outreach efforts to raise awareness of the gun violence public health crisis and to share the facts so that citizens and policy-makers know what works when it comes to lowering gun deaths and injuries.


Jeremy Stein – Executive Director
Jonathan Perloe – Director of Communications
Terra Volpe – Director of Community Outreach
Joni Lowe – Operations Manager
Janet Rice – Urban Outreach Coordinator

Board of Directors

Glori Norwitt – Chairperson
Amy Keohane – Vice-Chairperson
Kim Buck – Treasurer
Shira Tarantino – Secretary

Mary Bernstein
Cynthia Blumenthal
Nicole Heath
Marty Isaac
Melissa Kane
Nancy Lefkowitz
Art Miller
Brent Peterkin
Sarah Raskin
Jo Schubert
Carolyn Vermont